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We are all hearing about face oils. While I encourage taking oil supplements to treat the skin from the inside out, I love to treat my face with a facial oil. Some people use an oil every day, I use once or twice a week. My skin always feels well fed and soft afterwards, such a treat for the skin.
The best thing about facial oils is that they are not water-based. Water-based formulations require synthetic preservatives, stabilizers, absorbency enhancers etc. Oils don't need any of these, so what you will get is pure botanical oils.
A good facial oil should sink right into the skin and not leave the surface looking for feeling oily. Avoid mineral oils at all costs. 
Once you get used to using face oil you will love it. The are some great options available on the market, my favorite at the moment is Linden Leaves Miraculous oil, just beautiful to use. Trilogy's rose hip is a goodie and new to the market is Loreal's  extraordinary facial oil.
A good face oil can be used under make up for a great dewy finish or the real benefits are the ability to help repair damaged skin and reduce pigment discoloration and scarring. 
Pop in and see us for a try.
Give it a go, you wont look back. 
Michelle xxX

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