Too many late night? Puffy, dark circles under the eyes?

The first place to show our age or late nights is our eyes. Here are some tips to cover puffy or dark eye circles.

Always use a light, creamy concealer that won’t crack or seep into the fine lines around the eyes,  apply concealer where the actual dark circles occur, that is typically a semi-circle from the interior of the eye down towards the cheek. Gently, with your finger or a soft brush apply the product of your choice to the actual dark circles only. From there, using your finger or a damp sponge blend the edges of the concealer around the rest of your eyes.” Apply concealer after your eye makeup and foundation, then move onto your blush. To avoid the application looking heavy, finish your makeup with a spritz of water in an atomizer, or a face tonic or spritzer. Use a concealer that has more of a yellow base, in a tone that's a bit lighter than your skin color. This will cancel out the blue or purple hues and also brighten the area. Less is more. It’s also important to use an eye cream twice a day, especially at night. Ingredients to look out for are vitamin C and caffeine to help relieve both puffiness and dark circles. 

I like the brush pen concealers with an illumination in them for an extra youthful glow.

We have lots at the pharmacy to choose from, come in for a play.

Michelle x

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