Red skin blues?

Winter is here and for people with sensitive skin that can mean REDNESS. I fall into that category, sensitive easily irritated skin. We do not want that! Red is not a good look.

Start the day by using a gentle cleanser, I love Avene milk cleanser a lovely creamy texture that leaves skin feeling soft and calm.Next I use the Avene thermal water to tone with, this is rich in silica so heals the skin and again leaves a lovely soft feeling to the skin. Finally I always moisturise with Avene anti redness moisturiser. I use a rich one but depending on your skin you may only need a light. It is also recommended everyone use a sunscreen, Avene does have the option of moisturisers with sunscreen in.

That is the skincare taken care of, then I apply Loreals new anti red cc cream, this has a green base to counter act the look of can use this alone or under foundation. It really works a treat, gives you the look of lovely clear skin.As a night treatment Avene have a concentrate anti red cream to apply to troublesome areas including broken capillaries.

If you are interested in trying out an Avene product, pop in to the pharmacy and mention this post and we will give a free gift to try. 

See you instore soon,

Michelle xx

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