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Beauty Tips

Time to get ready for some Summer fun ...

Summer means jandals, sandals and showing off parts of our body that have been well covered up over the cooler months. So let's start with a full body exfoliating regime. Sugar Baby scrub is amazing. Now you are ready for a quick spray tan the next day. Art of Beauty are offering St Tropez spray tans for $40, only takes a few minutes and wallah ... instant bronzed beauty.Now our neglected tootsies. Start with a good soak, my favorite is Linden Leaves, dry your feet off. Then using Scholl Express Pedi or a Neat Feat Beauty Buzz, get rid of...

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Clinically proven to reduce dark spots after 3 months!

NEW from Avene! D-Pigment is clinically proven to reduce dark spots after 3 months..... This dark spot corrector is enriched with shine-reducing powders to brighten skin tone. Clinically shown to reduce the appearance of dark spots after 4 weeks while evening out skin tone and restoring radiance. The appearance of localized and widespread dark spots on the face, neck and hands will become lighter while skin is also moisturized. Ingredients Melanyde: Innovative  depigmenting active Retinaldehyde: Lightening active Pre-tocopheryl: Protective active Mattifying powders Evening primrose oil Benefits 2 WORLDWIDE PATENTS: Pre-tocopheryl and Retinaldehyde + Pre-tocopheryl Evens out skin tone and restores radiance Exclusive trio...

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Discover the secret to timeless, beautiful skin.....

The recipe for beautiful, clear and healthy glowing skin can be yours!  The highly absorbable marine collagen in Ageless Beauty helps the body replace lost collagen, improving the appearance of fine lines and uneven skin tone. We are lucky enough to have Naturopath Rachel Dawson instore next wednesday morning giving free 30 minute consultations to answer all your questions on your skin issues!  Rachel will perform a non-invasive skin consultation using the skin diagnostic machine SD202, which takes four different measurements which can help identify key areas of concern to develop a tailored beauty formula.  Hydration: Measures the dispersion of water intake and...

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Red skin blues?

Winter is here and for people with sensitive skin that can mean REDNESS. I fall into that category, sensitive easily irritated skin. We do not want that! Red is not a good look. Start the day by using a gentle cleanser, I love Avene milk cleanser a lovely creamy texture that leaves skin feeling soft and calm.Next I use the Avene thermal water to tone with, this is rich in silica so heals the skin and again leaves a lovely soft feeling to the skin. Finally I always moisturise with Avene anti redness moisturiser. I use a rich one but...

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Flash Lash for stunning lashes!

16 weeks ago our very own Mel started using "FLASH". This product is amazing! It does exactly as it says it is going to! I can say this after seeing results with my very own eyes. This is the best value lash serum I have seen on the market. If you have sparse lashes or short stumpy lashes this is exactly what you need, or even if you just want to grow your lashes uber long for the effect of false lashes (without the damaging effects to your lashes).Michelle xxX

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